About Us

Karma Studios Distribution is a leader in procurement, logistics and distribution of Home Goods, Beauty, Footwear, Toys, Accessories, Apparel, Outdoor and Luxury brands.

We offer over 4 decades of consumer products experience, with the resources to partner with the worlds largest brands.

Not Just A Supplier



Karma Studios applies market research, in-house graphics capability and account-specific sales and marketing resources to ensure retail partners are on the leading edge of new opportunities. This strong foundation gives us the flexibility needed to respond to the needs of a dynamic retail environment.


With proven ability to anticipate market and product trends, Karma Studios positions our retail partners to capitalize on new products and categories earlier.


Our significant ongoing investment in brand research ensures a steady stream of new brands and offerings that create retail excitement and generate sales.


Brand trust is an essential element of every successful product sale. Karma Studios has created and built sustained brand equity in all our key product categories. 

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